Plaque Unveiled on N.S. Savannah Honors Jon Stouky, founder of the Nuclear Ship Savannah Association

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stouky plaquePlaque in Honor of Jon Stoucky, 

founder of the Nuclear Ship Savannah Association (NSSA)  NS Sav Seal w ship n atom









Ceremonial Presentation by:

– Stanley Wheatley (Kings Point Alumnae Class of 1947 (KP  ’47)) – first Chief Engineer of the N.S. Savannah

– Wayne Britz (KP ’66) – Chairman & President – Nuclear Ship Savannah Association (NSSA)

– Erhard Koehler – MARAD, Manager of N.S. Savannah Technical Programs

 fusion(L to R) Stanley Wheatley (KP ’47) – first Chief Engineer of the N.S. Savannah, Erhard Koehler – MARAD, Manager of N.S. Savannah Technical Programs, Wayne Britz (KP ’66) – Chairman & President – Nuclear Ship Savannah Association (NSSA)


National Maritime Day Commemoration Cakes

ussc cake red


mart day cake






cake w grandda

(L to R) Cake # 1 – Paul “Chip” Jaenichen – Deputy Maritime Administrator assists Sarah Stouky (Granddaughter of the late NSSA Chairman Jon Stouky, as Gary G. Hicks (KP ’76) – President, KP Chesapeake Chapter, and Anne Marshall (daughter of Captain Harry Marshall (KP ’44) observes.

Honorary Cutting included:  Susan Gibbs (SS UNITED STATES CONSERVANCY (SSUSC  http://www.ssusc.org), granddaughter of William Francis Gibbs), Anne Marshall (daughter of Captain Harry Marshall (KP ’44), Sarah Stouky (Granddaughter of the late NSSA Chairman Jon Stouky, Concetta Cannon (wife of the late Tom Cannon (KP ’55) – retired Chief Engineer of N.S. Savannah, Stanley Wheatley (KP ’47) – first Chief Engineer of the N.S. Savannah, Wayne Britz (KP ’66) – Chairman & President – Nuclear Ship Savannah Association (NSSA)

Submitted by Larry Kenworthy, NSSA




Maritime EXPO & Career Fair! Sat., May 18, 2013

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TeachFleetfull_Q_deck_crop-705x315 Lego™ Teach Fleet

Curious about what the Port of Baltimore does and what it takes to transport people and goods?

 Then you’ll want to bring the family to this free event!

 Maritime Expo & Career Fair on National Maritime Day

Saturday, 18 May 2013

 10 AM – 3 PM

Pier 13 Canton, 4601 Newgate Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland.

Local Directions
Take O’Donnell or Boston Street to Newkirk Street. Follow Newkirk Street, South to end and Turn Right onto Newgate Avenue.  Follow Event parking Signs.  Handicap Parking:  From Newgate Ave., Turn Left onto Pier 13, Canton Marine Terminal (moored just behind grain elevator), proceed down pier to N.S. SAVANNAH.

I-95 South towards FT McHenry Tunnel or
I-95 North transiting the FT McHenry Tunnel (Toll $3)-get in RIGHT LANE as exit is immediate!!

EXIT #56 – Keith Ave.

Turn LEFT at traffic light onto New Vail Street.

Proceed to traffic light and turn Right to Newgate Ave. and follow Directions for Event Parking

Handicap Parking:  From Newgate Ave., Turn Left onto Pier 13, Canton Marine Terminal (moored just behind grain elevator), proceed down pier to N.S. SAVANNAH.


Special Baltimore City Bus Event Shuttle to Pier 13: Leaves from First Mariner Bank at intersection of Clinton Street, corner of Boston, red curb that serve routes 11 and 13: leaves on the half hour from 9:30 am until 2:30 pm to Pier 13.  Returns from Pier 13 on the hour: starting at 10 am to 3 pm with the last bus leaving at 3:30 pm.


P R O G R A M:

  • See the Lego™ Teach Fleet and ship models, visit heritage organizations that preserve the maritime history of the port, and enjoy activities.
  • There will be numerous small craft; tugs, survey vessels, patrol craft, pilot boats, training vessels, and the N.S. Savannah open for tours. Visiting ships are not handicap accessible; close-toe shoes are required for boarding all vessels.
  • he Maritime Institute of Technology & Graduate Studies will provide information about the training and experience needed in the maritime industry as well as the bevy of careers that provide administrative support, marketing, finances, and more.
  •  At 11 am, help commemorate National Maritime Day aboard the Nuclear Ship Savannah.
  • Food vendors will be available.
  • Parking is Free.


If you would like to be an exhibitor or sponsor this unique event, please contact: steamboatcompany at yahoo.com

 Sponsored by

Association of Maryland Pilots

Baltimore Port Alliance

Baltimore Maritime Exchange

Baltimore & Chesapeake Steamboat Company

with special thanks to the N.S. Savannah






First ShiPosium 2012 Thank Yous!

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Thank you to All who Helped to Make the 2012 Annual Meeting a Success!

We are happy to announce that our Annual Meeting weekend in Baltimore view of entryway<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
for email.jpgwas a great success, including the first ever ShiPosium conference onboard the NS Savannah. Click here to read about the Annual Meeting and see photos from the events.
Thank you to all of our members and friends who attended in support of SSHSA.
Walt & Valerie Mathers; standing Maizie Cummings-Rocke, VP, B&CSC
We especially want to thank our volunteers who helped us to plan and to keep things running smoothly: Maizie Cummings-Rocke and Walt and Valerie Mathers who worked diligently before and during the meeting to make arrangements both onboard and off the Savannah.  Thank you to Erhard Koehler, Cindy Bearor, Patrick McConnell, John Osborne, and the rest of the NS Savannah crew for their hospitality and willingness to help throughout the entire event!  Also thank you to our conference planning committee, John Hamma, Jim Pennypacker, Richard Barwis, Erik Ryan, Vera Harsh, and Mary Payne.
SSHSA Photo: Walter & Valerie Mathers, standing Maizie Cummings-Rocke, VP, Baltimore & Chesapeake Steamboat Company, Baltimore, MD.


In Memorium: R. Jon Stouky

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R. Jon Stouky is pictured standing Top Row, Far Right.
Former crew aboard N/S SAVANNAH from the 50th anniversary of the keel-laying ceremony at the Port of Baltimore on National Maritime Day, May 2008. The Savannah’s propeller is visible behind the crew.
Photo Credit: Doug Polaski – B&CSC

R. Jon Stouky, a friend of the Baltimore & Chesapeake Steamboat Company (B&CSC), a former N/S SAVANNAH shipmate and present-day maritime preservationist passed away at age 74 on October 2, 2012, in Florida.

Jon is well known for his association with the SAVANNAH. Members of the B&CSC had the pleasure of working with Jon in July of 2009 during the 50th anniversary of the SAVANNAH’s launch.  The B&CSC has been a part of the SAVANNAH’s annual National Maritime Day recognition every year since then, helping with logistics and programming, serving as docents, and creating the wreaths for its annual wreath-laying ceremony.

Many know that Jon served in several capacities with the SAVANNAH, both underway and shore-side, in its nuclear program back when both he and the ship were in their youth starting in 1962.  He then went on to a 51-year career in the commercial nuclear industry, founding Mega-Tech Services, Inc. in 1988.   Decommissioning, maintenance, and operational aspects of nuclear power plant management were areas of specific expertise for Jon, including spent nuclear fuel handling and storage and waste processing. In addition, he developed techniques and tools for the processing of irradiated and contaminated equipment and components. He also authored several books and reports concerning nuclear issues.

Managing the radiological and non-radiological support for the characterization program on the U.S. Army Nuclear Barge STURGIS, Jon also served as Project Manager for the barge’s contractor engineering support services in the Panama Canal Zone and preliminary decommissioning efforts.

Jon was involved in reviewing and recommending options to a nuclear utility company regarding the development of an Interim Spent Fuel Storage Installation (ISFSI) and the selection of appropriate spent fuel storage containers.

Jon came back to his roots just at the turn of the 21st century and was the driving force behind the United States Maritime Administration’s (MARAD’s) decision to finally “do something” with the SAVANNAH.

It is difficult to say whether or not MARAD ever would have done the things that were accomplished over the past decade if it weren’t for Jon’s dedication and encouragement.  The maritime community will forever be in his debt.

Jon’s presence can be felt throughout the SAVANNAH.  Every day, entering through the sideport hatch into the Main Lobby, visitors are surrounded by what Jon was able to accomplish.  The original orange space-age couch that he had reupholstered; Admiral McCready’s uniform and memorabilia; the builder’s model of the Nuclear Ship SAVANNAH that he acquired at a Christie’s auction in 2007; the master model of the original 1819 Steam Ship SAVANNAH that he had commissioned many years ago; the re-dedicated landmark plaque displays — all of these are tangible evidence of Jon’s devotion to the ship.

Many who have or will experience the SAVANNAH’s grandeur should be grateful for the people like Jon who cared so very much for her in the past.  It is a tremendous legacy.

We in the maritime heritage community send our sincerest condolences to Jon’s family, especially thanking his wife, Martha, and sons, Kevin and Joseph, and their families, as well as Jon’s friends and colleagues, and the current staff of the SAVANNAH and its Association for sharing him with us. May we continue to restore the SAVANNAH as Jon envisioned when he first plied the waters aboard her.



R. Jon Stouky

Photo from N.S. Savannah Board of Directors webpage http://ns-savannah.org/BoD.html, downloaded 10-03-2012.


Jon Stouky – Former Chairman

Jon [was most recently] serving as Nuclear Advisor and acting Facility and Site Manager for the N.S. Savannah decommissioning project. He has been involved with the N.S. Savannah in various capacities since 1962 when he helped establish the Galveston, TX service facilities and commissioned the NSV ATOMIC SERVANT (service barge). Jon was licensed on the reactor and assisted in returning the N.S. Savannah to service in 1963-64 managing special maintenance and engineering functions. He joined NUS in 1966 and worked in executive positions for several major nuclear contractors until he formed Mega-Tech Services, Inc. in 1988. He was responsible for managing the radiological characterization of the ship in 2005.


Special thanks to N/S SAVANNAH’sProject Director and Jon’s long-time friend, Erhard Koehler of MARAD, for providing some of the information used in this announcement.




In Memorium: Baltimore City Fire Chief James W. Smith

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The Baltimore & Chesapeake Steamboat Company is sorrowed to announce the loss of a wonderful man and supporter of maritime heritage.
Baltimore City Fire Boat Capt. James William Smith passed away on March 29, 2012, after an extended illness. He leaves his wife Beth, two daughters, and their families with a legacy of love and devotion. Services were held on April 3rd at Eastside Church of God and he was interred at Holly Hills Memorial Gardens.
     Mr. and Mrs. Walt Mathers of B&CSC attended the services and report that fire fighters from both Baltimore City and Baltimore County were in force along with many officers, a bagpiper and the color guard. Two hook-and-ladder trucks raised a large American flag to form an archway to the entrance into Holly Hills. Upon returning to the church, a large floral arrangement depicting a Baltimore City fire boat, along with a photograph of MAYOR THOMAS J. D’ALESANDRO, JR. occupied the place where Capt. Smith’s casket had laid. We also acknowledge retired Division Chief Rod Devilbiff, who has known Capt. Smith from his first posting on Engine 26, and has remained a treasured family friend to the Smiths.
     The State of Maryland bestowed the honor of Chesapeake Bay Ambassador to Capt. Smith during the National Maritime Day commemoration last May (2011) aboard the N/S SAVANNAH. The B&CSC and Baltimore City Fire Dept. co-sponsored the recognition through heritage supporter State Senator Jennie M. Forehand:
The State of Maryland and the people of the Chesapeake Region hereby recognize with great appreciation Captain James William Smith for his 32 distinguished years of service to the Baltimore City Fire Department, and those who have greatly benefited from his years of watchful service. Captain Smith has been a staunch proponent for protecting the people of Baltimore and the port, contributing his knowledge, skills and abilities to our Maritime Community and aiding the development and implementation of the 2007 first-line hazardous materials vessel, the “John R. Frazier,” a Regional Response Watercraft for port protection with homeland security capabilities including emergency medical treatment, personnel decontamination, command post, and communications capabilities on the water.
     Captain Smith, a fellow researcher of maritime history, including an excellent web presentation of Baltimore City’s Fire Boat history, has been and remains a constant supporter of organizations seeking to document and protect the Chesapeake Region’s heritage, assisting them in their efforts and outreach, and enhancing the harbor’s heritage tourism.”
     Fire Chief Kevin Cartwright, Director of Communications for the Baltimore City Fire Department, states that Captain Smith has 32 distinguished years of service to the Baltimore City Fire Department, the citizens of Baltimore, Maryland, and countless others along Chesapeake Bay and Baltimore Harbor who have greatly benefited from his years of watchful service.
     Smith joined the Baltimore City Fire Department on July 9, 1979, and was assigned to Engine Company #26 at 399 East Fort Avenue. Promoted to Fire Lieutenant on November 2, 1983, he transferred to Engine Company #50 where he attained the rank of Fire Captain on December 10, 1986. Capt. Smith transferred to the Fire Boat Station in March 1996 to fulfill his vocation and passion for fire water crafts and has valiantly served as the Captain of Fire Boat #1.
     Captain Smith has been a staunch proponent for protecting the citizens of Baltimore and the port that spans from the Potomac River to the Chesapeake Bay and surrounding tributaries. His knowledge, skills and abilities surrounding emergency response, rescue and recovery and expertise in battling vessel fires, and maintenance and repair of the departments fire boats made him instrumental in the development and implementation of the first -line hazardous materials vessel, the JOHN R. FRAZIER, a Regional Response Watercraft purchased through funds from the US Department of Homeland Security Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) and the collaborative efforts of the jurisdictions of Baltimore and Annapolis Cities, Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Carroll, Hartford, and Howard Counties, launched from and stations at the Fire Departments Marine Operations at Ft. McHenry on August 4, 2007. The FRAZIER has regional response, port protection and homeland security capabilities and is designed to NFPA Class A standards providing the city and region with modern fire fighting, emergency medical treatment, personnel decontamination, command post, and communications capabilities on the water.
Fair winds, following seas, and a clear horizon, Capt. Smith.


Welcome to the Baltimore & Chesapeake Steamboat Company: Go Places & Do Things!

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The Baltimore & Chesapeake Steamboat Company, Inc. formed in 2005 as an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational organization to preserve, interpret and support the industrial maritime heritage of the Chesapeake Bay Region.  All donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

The B&CSC traces its roots back to its members’ long-standing efforts to preserve the last coal-fired steam tug in American, the 1906 tug BALTIMORE.   The BALTIMORE is owned and maintained by the Baltimore Museum of Industry.

B&CSC acquired its first historic vessel in 2011, the 1940 M/V CHARLES D. GAITHER.  The GAITHER is the first all-steel vessel in the Baltimore City Police Department’s fleet and is a wonderful gift of Mr. & Mrs. Vernon Johnson.

The organization is active in participating and sponsoring a variety of events, lectures, and programs.  There is something here for everyone.  We are an all-volunteer group that Goes Places and Does Things!

You can contact us via email at steamboatcompany at yahoo.com.



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